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Shipping and Conditions of Sale

$50 min. order for shipping fish, local pickup by appointment only, closed Sundays for shipping.

Shipping Fish: Payment is prepay-ed PayPal, Money Order. No COD. Make money orders payable to: HAPPY CICHLIDS. Include your name, complete shipping address, phone number and items ordered with payment. If you are paying by credit card please call with your number, you may send your shipping info by email.

We prefer to ship fish orders SOUTHWAST Air Cargo, freight collect. We can ship smaller orders FedEx or USPS Express Mail overnight, hold for pickup at your local FedEx office or delivered to your door (we do not guarantee live arrival when shipped with an overnight service such as FedEx, UPS, Post Office, DHL etc. Shipping this way is at your own risk or between you and the carrier and a claim must be filed with the carrier for reimbursements).
Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges in all cases. Air Cargo rates are $49 and up depending on the carrier rates. Overnight rates vary depending on weight and distance. Small out of state shipments generally cost $80-85 depending on weight and distance. In state shipments can be very reasonable. Please include your city and zip code when contacting us for shipping estimates for FedEx or give closest airport city for air cargo delivery.

We will set up a shipping day that is convenient for both of us. We prefer to ship earlier in the week but weekend shipments can be arranged. In some cases the carrier may charge extra for Saturday delivery or the airline office may be closed on the weekend. FedEx charges at least 25.00 more for Saturday deliveries.

Heat packs are used in the winter.

Live delivery guaranteed only if we use the shipping method of our choice. We do guarantee live arrival only if shipped with our choice of airlines and routes and the carrier is not at fault. If the carrier is at fault, than a claim must be filed with the carrier and it's between you and the carrier. We will assist you in every way possible to get the claim through with the carrier. Carrier must confirm losses and we must be notified immediately upon receipt by either email or phone. Losses will only be credited to next order. No refunds of any kind are given, only credit on the next order. Our responsibility ends for replacements once the buyer leaves the airport with living fish. We cannot be responsible for what happens with the fish once he places them in his tank. Of course we will be on call to assist with any problems that may develop. We do not guarantee live arrival on any replacement fish, nor do we assist with the shipping charges on replacement fish. Also if you have a health question about your new arrived fish, please contact us before medicating or treating them to avoid improper treatments.

• No box charges.
• All fish are sent in Styrofoam boxes.
• Dry goods may be shipped with fish orders or sent separate via ground.
• Delivery may be arranged to the LOS ANGELES COUNTY, at our convenience for a nominal delivery fee.

We do not export out of North America but we do ship to Canada (large city airport that are serviced by US carriers that have cargo service)

Dry Goods: No minimum order. Make payable to:HAPPY CICHLIDS. Include your name, address, and phone number and items ordered with payment. Dry goods are shipped Post Office or FedEx ground prepaid freight, or with fish orders. Please include your city and zip code when contacting us for shipping estimates.

An appointment is necessary for local pickup, please call just before you come by. We are not a pet store and are not set up for people to drop by unannounced.

Unpacking Fish Order

Float bags until temperature is equal in the bag and the tank. Do Not Trickle Water Into The Bag! This will change the Ph and cause the nitrate and or ammonia levels to rise and become toxic to the fish, possibly poisoning them right in the bag.

Open the bag and pour fish through a net and then place them in the clean tank. Do not put the packing water into the clean tank, discard the packing water.Shipped fish are stressed and weak, do not put win an established tank with larger and or more aggressive tank mates.