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This website is dedicated to the promotion of the humane treatment of fish and aquatic organisms.

I'm hoping to find others that feel as I do about the fish industry and want to try to educate people about the proper care and treatment of fish. Done properly, I think fish can be kept happy and healthy, but it takes education and it takes the support of responsible retailers and breeders.

Please join me in the forum, where I'll be discussing and exposing a lot of the things that go on behind the scenes in the fish industry and better more humane ways to go about it.

Ryan Chapin

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fish newsScientists Discover World's Smallest Fish

2006-01-26 / Ryan / Discussion (25)

. . . and what is now know as the world's smallest vertebrate. Found living in highly acidic peat marshes of South East Asia Maurice Kottelat and Tan Heok Hui described the Paedocyprinus progenetica, a member of the Perch family. »

Rome recognizes the rights of fish and dogs

2005-11-04 / Ryan / Discussion (45)

Rome has banned spherical goldfish bowls and ordered dog owners to take their pets on walks. Fairgrounds are also banned from giving away fish and other animals as prizes. »


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